Spooked by Business Ownership? Here are 3 Reasons to Consider Franchising With ManageMowed

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Halloween is just around the corner, but there’s one thing that you don’t have to be afraid of this season: business ownership.

Maybe you’ve been searching for a way to follow your entrepreneurial spirit, but weren’t sure where to start. Or, perhaps you’re spooked by the unknown of starting your own business. What you do know is that you’re ready to be your own boss and flex your management muscles. Here are three reasons why franchising with ManageMowed, the innovative commercial landscape management concept, could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for!

Proven processes and systems

We get it. Venturing into the unknown of business ownership can be scary, especially when it involves your own time and money. There are plenty of questions that are likely floating around in your head, such has, “How do I get started?” Or, “How do I market my services and build a customer base?” The beauty of franchising is that you’re investing your time and money into proven processes and systems that have been established to help get you up and running, taking the guesswork out of starting a new opportunity from scratch.

At ManageMowed, we implement strong, results-driven processes and systems for both our franchisees and our clients. Our fresh approach brings effective landscape management solutions to our clients that are quick and efficient, establishing a strong and loyal customer base for your business – and guess what isn’t scary? Recurring revenue.

Unparalleled training and support

When you enter a franchise system, you’re never entering alone. Along with set processes and systems, franchisors are equipped with training programs and other robust support systems to help promote your success as a franchisee.

ManageMowed franchise owners have the full support of our entire team – including access to our highly experienced leadership team, bolstered by more than 20 years of experience in commercial landscaping. We provide you with the tools you need to see results and achieve your business goals, including pre-launch training, a marketing playbook to launch and rapidly grow your customer base, a CRM for managing clients and crew scheduling, and much more.

Low Overhead

One common misconception about franchising is that it costs millions of dollars to buy a franchise. This is simply not the case for plenty of franchise opportunities out there, but it’s a thought that can deter many qualified and driven individuals from reaching their full potential with an established franchisor.

The good news is, the ManageMowed franchise opportunity calls for a low investment and overhead – in fact, you can join our innovative green industry concept without ever owning a piece of equipment! Rather than pushing the mowers and pulling the weeds, you can channel your expertise into managing client relationships and a network of local landscape crews to deliver a frustration-free experience for your clients.

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