The Story of ManageMowed: Meet the Founders and Explore Their Journey to Franchising

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Meet James Jakobsen and Peter Roberts. Longtime high school friends and business partners, the pair founded their landscaping business more than 20 years ago in Edmonds, Washington – little did they know at the time that their journey would lead them to the world of franchising.

The two chatted with Josh Brown, creator and host of the podcast Franchise Euphoria, about how their concept evolved from a traditional landscape company to what it is today.

James and Peter began their journey as landscapers, initially focusing on residential and commercial projects. In 2008, the partners decided to move forward with a more recession-resilient business model focusing strictly on commercial maintenance. As they opened the doors to two additional corporate offices in Portland, OR and Denver, CO, the business saw exponential growth in 2018. With sights set on reaching national scale, the road to franchising ManageMowed began.

While franchising wasn’t the initial plan for ManageMowed, James and Peter were considering ways to scale up the business model, exploring franchising as a possible avenue. Since then, over the last 10 years, they have been fine-tuning and perfecting the business model to develop an efficient, frustration-free experience for their clients and a results-driven, high performance culture for their franchisees.

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Along their journey, James and Peter have gathered years of unmatched insights and experience, bolstering their unique approach to landscaping. ManageMowed is equipped with a thorough franchise support structure, complete with training, marketing, operations and technology systems to empower our franchisees as they streamline client communication and relationships while ensuring quality commercial landscaping services.

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